cobra drawing

Are You Brave Enough to Embrace Innovation in Art?

Where does our artistic sense come from? Where does art itself come from? Who decides what is beautiful and what isn't? When we ask such questions, it does begin to feel like art can only be relative, and yet most of us recognize a beautiful artistic expression fairly easily.

To take this even further, there are artists and pieces from completely different eras that are universally adored to date. So, can art be relative to the individual or to time?

What about the questions I raised at the start? Without much research, I feel art floats somewhere in the space between timely and individual relativity and universal recognition, leaning closer to relativity.

Individuals develop and acquire a sense of beauty through their culture, environment, and maybe even genetics, and it shapes their perceptions of human beauty, music, visual art, design, and other art forms.

One key takeaway: given the presence of relativity to the era and individual preference, we all need to try and adopt a more open lens to experimental artists and trailblazing innovators who pave the way for the rest and define the emerging artistic sense.

The ability to recognize a defining genius like that early on starts with flexibility and openness to new things. A trait paramount to creativity that we should all have so we can be "on the right side of history," so to speak.