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Wolves League



Drawing inspiration from the league's indomitable spirit, the wolf and basketball combo in the logo symbolizes the blend of aggression and sportsmanship central to the game. The modern, sleek design reflects a forward-thinking, energetic ethos. The array of mockups created not only showcases the logo's adaptability across different mediums but also establishes a strong, cohesive brand identity, ensuring a consistent visual narrative whether on jerseys, merchandise, or other brand touchpoints.


The design intertwines a potent and ferocious wolf with a basketball to embody the league's fierce ethos. The logo design exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic, mirroring the league's values of athleticism and robustness. To bolster the brand identity further, I've curated a range of mockups that exhibit the logo in various scenarios like jerseys and merchandise.

project picture

The fusion of a fierce wolf with a basketball in the logo is a vivid portrayal of the league's high-spirited competitive nature. The sleek modern design aligns with the athleticism and strength the league embodies. The meticulously crafted mockups further augment the brand identity, demonstrating the logo's versatile appeal across varied contexts like jerseys and merchandise, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand narrative that resonates with the league's ethos.

project picture

project picture