Ride for Mental Health



The project embodies a blend of aesthetic appeal and a subtle message of joy and empowerment through cycling. The captivating illustration of a cyclist, coupled with a vibrant color palette, not only draws the eye but also resonates with the campaign's upbeat spirit. The clever integration of a smiley face within the wheels and typography adds a whimsical touch, underlining the campaign's fun and positive nature, making it a visually delightful and meaningful narrative.


This endeavor transcends a mere advertisement - it's a visual ode to humanity and the empowering essence of cycling. At the crux of this campaign lies a captivating illustration of a cyclist. The dynamic design is amplified by a lively color palette, boasting a striking, beautiful amalgam of pinks, reds, and whites, all juxtaposed against a dark, navy blue backdrop. Yet, this extends beyond a visually arresting image: a closer scrutiny reveals that the wheels along with the typography conjure the silhouette of a smiley face, accentuating the campaign's jovial and optimistic demeanor.

project picture

The essence of this project is a harmonious blend of visual allure and a profound message of joy encapsulated in the act of cycling. The meticulously crafted illustration of a cyclist, set against a vibrant color scheme, serves as a magnetic visual focal point.

project picture

However, the ingenuity doesn't end at the surface; the nuanced incorporation of a smiley face using the wheels and typography enriches the design, infusing a sense of fun and positivity. This thoughtful design element elevates the campaign from a mere advertisement to a visual narrative celebrating the uplifting spirit of cycling and human connectivity.